Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Everyone radiates energy,
but energy that strong and that positive, that welcoming,
that's uncommon.

As human beings, I feel there is nothing more valuable than the relationships we create, the connections we forge with others.
Sometimes we go out in search of special relationships, we work for them and don't expect them to come easily.
But other times, they just have a way of falling into place.
Sometimes, a person just shows up in your life (and at the perfect time).
You're one of those people.

And so I found myself naturally gravitating towards you, like a moth is drawn towards a light source.
You were (and are) such an interesting person, always exuding such liveliness and, above all else, happiness, happiness which had long been escaping me.
I had been searching for my own happiness for some time, but had little to no success in finding it.

I've spent an increasing amount of time with you, and in turn you've had a growing impact on my life.
Whenever I've needed someone to go to, and not necessarily to voice any particular concern, I knew you would always be able to put my mind at ease.
I could spend 15 minutes with you, exchanging very few words except a simple hello, and that would be enough.

But our time together hasn't always been spent sitting in silence, far from it.
I've had incredible conversations with you that lasted for hours, felt like minutes, but taught me things that will endure for a lifetime.
You've showed me fun that I didn't even think was possible, exposed me to experiences beyond my imagination, moments that are beautiful beyond reckoning, and in turn have allowed me to integrate these  things into my daily life.

I've been exposed to a multitude of brilliant minds and excellent teachers during my time at school,
But you've been the greatest teacher of all, and you didn't even need to try, you just needed to be yourself.

From the start, it was that seemingly constant happiness of yours that drew me in, as it was such a mystery to me.
But now, I think I finally understand it.
After spending time with you and observing your approach to everyday life, it has become clear that what separates you from most people is your ability to live in the present, to bring such vibrant energy to each new moment of your life.
You always seem to be in control of what direction your life is heading, or at least in as much control as you possibly could be.
You live your life in the driver's seat, and for too long I was simply a passenger going along for the ride in mine.

I've now learned to truly be myself and to love who I am, to enjoy my time with the people who are around (they are the ones that usually matter anyway) instead of worrying about who isn't there, to share my happiness (which I have certainly found) instead of simply relying on the happiness of others, to acknowledge the past but keep my focus on what's happening now.

I've never felt so in tune with myself and my life, and I owe that to you.

That's been your greatest gift to me,
and so this is my gift to you.

A present for the man whose shown me how to live in the present.

Happy birthday buddy.


Nico said...

Love you Mike : )

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